2nd CCDH Global Summit Speakers

Leading international thinkers, regulators, and activists will discuss and share insights on the progress to secure safety by design, meaningful transparency and accountability, and responsibility in our fight for a free and fair internet.

Find here the full list of speakers and panellists who will join us at the 2nd CCDH Global Summit to Address Online Harms in Washington D.C.

Melissa Fleming

Ms. Fleming leads the UN’s Department of Global Communications, overseeing the UN’s strategic communications operations, including its multilingual news and digital media services, public outreach programmes, and global campaigns.

Melissa Fleming is Under-Secretary-General for Global Communications at the United Nations.

Under her leadership, the UN Department of Global Communications engages in far-reaching efforts to address misinformation, disinformation, and hate speech. She is leading on the development of Global Principles on Information Integrity.

Dr Mashilo Gibson Boloka

Dr Boloka is the CEO of Film and Publication Board (FPB), an online content regulatory authority in the Republic of South Africa (RSA). He holds a doctoral degree in media studies and has taught at various universities.

A passionate ambassador for online safety policy within the African continent and internationally. Dr Boloka and the FPB serve as chair of the steering committee on Harmonisation of content regulation in Africa, with a membership of 6 regulatory entities from different African countries, including Nigeria, Kenya, eSwatini and others.

Ambassador Deborah Liptstadt

Deborah E. Lipstadt, confirmed as the U.S. Special Envoy to Monitor and Combat Antisemitism in 2022, leads efforts to counter antisemitism worldwide. A renowned historian and author, she helped found Emory University’s Tam Institute for Jewish Studies. Lipstadt’s notable works include Denial and Antisemitism: Here and Now. Her landmark libel trial against Holocaust denier David Irving inspired the film Denial. She holds degrees from City College of New York and Brandeis University.

Peter Julian MP

MP Peter Julian, elected in 2004, is a New Democratic Party (NDP) Member of Parliament for New Westminster-Burnaby, BC. Over his 20 years in Parliament, he’s held roles like National Caucus Chair, Official Opposition House Leader, and Shadow Finance Minister. Currently, he’s the House Leader, Health Critic, and Deputy Finance Critic for the NDP.

In 2022, he responded to the “Freedom Convoy” protests by tabling Bill C-229 to ban hateful symbols. Inspired by Senator Markey’s Algorithmic Justice Act, he introduced Bill C-292, the Online Algorithm Transparency Act, with support from CCDH.

Brandi Geurkink

Brandi Geurkink is the Executive Director of the Coalition for Independent Technology Research, uniting over 300 researchers and 50 groups to advocate for ethical tech research. Formerly at Mozilla Foundation, she led campaigns for better researcher data access and open-source audits. Her work has influenced digital regulation policies in Europe and the US, and she has been featured in outlets like the Wall Street Journal, NPR, and the New York Times.

Ian Russell

CCDH UK Board member, Ian Russell is the father of Molly Russell, a 14-year-old schoolgirl who ended her life in November 2017. Nearly five years later, in September 2022, the coroner at Molly’s inquest concluded that, “Molly Rose Russell died from an act of self-harm while suffering from depression and the negative effects of on-line content.” It is believed this is the first official finding linking online harms to a person’s death in a “more than minimal way.”

Together with family and friends, Ian founded the Molly Rose Foundation, a UK charity with the aim of preventing young people’s suicide by better connecting them to the help and support they need. The foundation has prioritised raising awareness of online dangers and providing mental health first aid training. 

Lisa Gilbert

Lisa Gilbert is Public Citizen’s executive vice president. She has held key roles, including vice president of legislative affairs and director of Congress Watch. An advocate for government transparency, financial reform, and consumer protection, she founded the Not Above the Law and Declaration for American Democracy coalitions. Recognised as a top lobbyist and rising star, she previously worked with U.S. Public Interest Research Group and various social justice organisations. Gilbert has built and managed large coalitions of progressive groups, driving significant policy changes. She continues to champion integrity, democracy reforms, and consumer rights with dedication and expertise.

Jeremy Godfrey

Jeremy Godfrey is the Executive Chairperson of the Coimisiún na Meán. He has over 30 years of experience in regulatory, government, and business roles in the communications, technology, and online sectors, mainly in Ireland and Hong Kong.

He has chaired the Competition and Consumer Protection Commission (CCPC) and served as Chairperson of the Commission for Communications Regulation (ComReg). He played a key role in shaping regulatory developments, including the EU’s Digital Services Act, and was Hong Kong’s Government Chief Information Officer. Jeremy advises on online business strategies and regulatory issues and holds an MA in mathematics from Cambridge University.

Zamaan Qureshri

Zamaan Qureshi is an activist and advocate for safer social media for teenagers and young people. He serves as a policy advisor and social media coordinator for the Real Facebook Oversight Board; co-chair of the Design It For Us coalition and member of the Council for Responsible Social Media. He’s written for publications including TIME and Tech Policy Press and has been featured by outlets including MSNBC, CNN, POLITICO and Axios. He is a senior at American University pursuing a B.A. in international studies and political science.

Josephine Ballon

Josephine Ballon is the co-CEO of HateAid. Previously served as the organization’s Head of Legal.

Her advocacy focuses on improving the legal framework and access to justice for those affected from online violence, who are left largely unprotected against violations of their rights. She was invited as an expert several times, e.g., to the Legal Affairs Committee and the Committee of Digital Agenda of the German Federal Parliament and European Parliament to testify about law enforcement of online hate crimes, gender-based online violence and platform regulation.

Alex Murray

Alex is a campaigner and community organiser with experience running national fundraising, advocacy and media campaigns in both the UK and Australia.

At the Conscious Advertising Network, Alex manages the Advocacy team, leveraging advertising and civil society expertise to implement industry, platform, and policy interventions to help break the economic link between advertising and human rights.

In his role, Alex facilitates collaboration between civil society and the advertising industry to help understand and define the problems facing the advertising industry and find the solutions to them.

Matt Bergman

Matthew Bergman is an attorney, law professor, philanthropist and community activist. He is the founder of the Social Media Victims Law Center and Bergman Draper Oslund Udo; a professor at Lewis & Clark Law school; and member of the board of directors of nonprofit institutions in higher education, civil rights, worker protection, and the arts. Matthew was the first attorney in country to file product liability claims against social media companies on behalf of parents whose children have died or suffered severe mental health harm from social media addiction and abuse. More recently, he sued social media companies for radicalizing the shooter who murdered 10 African Americans in Buffalo New York. Matthew has been featured in news stories in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal and Washington Post and appeared on 60 Minutes, Good Morning America, Fox News and Dr Phil.

Kristin Bride

Kristin Bride began her activism when her 16-year-old son, Carson ended his life on June 23, 2020, after being viciously cyberbullied by his high school “Snapchat friends” who were using the anonymous apps Yolo and LMK to hide their identities.

Kristin Bride is a co-founder and member of Fairplay’s Online Harms Prevention workgroup and Parents SOS which advocates for keeping children safer online through education and legislation like the Kids Online Safety Act. She is also an active member of Issue One’s Council for Responsible Social Media. In February 2023, Kristin testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee of Congress at the Hearing on Protecting Our Children Online.

Niahm Hanafin

Niamh Hanafin is the Senior Advisor for Information Integrity at UNDP, leading efforts to combat information pollution globally. She joined UNDP in 2020 to address COVID-19 disinformation and developed the strategic guidance Information Integrity: Forging a Pathway to Truth, Resilience, and Trust. With over 20 years of experience in communications, Hanafin previously led peacebuilding initiatives in Africa and Asia with Search for Common Ground. She holds degrees from Dublin City University and Malmo University.

Meetali Jain

Meetali is a lawyer, policy advocate, campaigner, and educator. She began her career representing detainees post-9/11, including at Guantanamo Bay, and working with impacted South Asian and Muslim communities. She has litigated civil and human rights, immigrant justice, and corporate accountability cases. Meetali has taught at American University, Seton Hall, and South African law schools. She has focused on tech law and policy since 2017, founding the Tech Justice Law Project in 2023.

Christabel Randolph

Christabel Randolph is a Law Fellow at the Center for AI and Digital Policy (CAIDP). At CAIDP, she oversees and manages the US AI Law & Policy Group. She also supervises the CAIDP and Yale Tech Policy Center’s “The Public Voice in AI” project. Christabel was a Public Interest Technology Fellow at Georgetown University Law Center, researching and writing on geopolitical considerations of emerging technology. She has featured in AI expert panels at the MIT’s EmTech Digital, Atlantic Council, and Berkeley’s CITRIS Policy Lab. A lawyer of 10+ years, Christabel has worked in leadership positions across Asia-Pacific and the Middle East.

Christabel regularly collaborates with global majority organizations on digital rights and digital economy. She dedicates time to the School of Hope for slum-dwelling children in Bangladesh, and as Board Member of World Concern operating Microfinance for women in Bangladesh.

Johannes Bahrke

Johannes is the Digital Counselor at the EU Delegation to the United States. Prior to his posting, he was European Commission Coordinating Spokesperson for digital policy, research and innovation in Brussels. He accompanied notably the proposal, negotiation, and implementation of the Digital Services Act, Digital Markets Act, the Artificial Intelligence Act, the EU Chips Act, the EU strategy for data, etc. Before joining the EU Institutions in 2014, Johannes worked as a managing editor and reporter for German national TV ZDF. Johannes studied media and communications in Siegen, Germany and London, UK and holds a Master’s degree in European political and administrative studies from the College of Europe in Bruges, Belgium. He speaks English, French and German.

Imran Ahmed

Imran Ahmed is the founder and CEO of the Center for Countering Digital Hate (CCDH), a nonprofit organization headquartered in Washington DC, that is at the forefront of countering the social and psychological malignancies of social media, including online hate, extremism, disinformation, and content and algorithms that hurt users’ mental health.

Sarah Eagan

Sarah Eagan is the Head of Policy for the Center for Countering Digital Hate. Sarah Eagan is the Head of Policy and Partnerships at the Center for Countering Digital Hate. Prior to this role, she served as CCDH’s Chief of Staff, providing strategic support to the CEO office. Sarah previously served as a Press Secretary for NextGen America and has worked with organizations on developing their defenses against disinformation, conducting opposition research, and strengthening the research basis to support social movements.

Hanno Fenech

Hanno Fenech is the UK Policy Manager at CCDH. He joined the Center in 2022 to help the organisation advocate for improvements to the UK’s Online Safety Bill. Prior to CCDH, Hanno was the policy and political officer at the UK’s press media regulator, IPSO. Before that he worked in New Zealand where he was a campaigner and parliamentary assistant in the Sixth Labour Government.

Suzi Ragheb 

Suzi Ragheb serves as CCDH’s US Policy Manager. Suzi previously worked on international policy and strategy at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. She has also worked for the Electronic Frontier Foundation, the Democratic National Committee Convention, the NJ State Legislature, and has consulted on several political campaigns. She holds a BA from Saint Peter’s University and an MPA from Princeton University.