Social media companies undermine human rights by enabling hate and lies. We stop the spread of online hate and disinformation through research, public campaigns and policy advocacy.

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Fight Back Against Elon Musk

CCDH has had Elon Musk’s baseless & intimidatory lawsuit against us thrown out of court! This is a huge win for everyone working to hold social media giants accountable. Fighting against Elon Musk’s lawsuit has cost us thousands of dollars & delayed our work to hold social media giants accountable. Help us get back on track. Support us today

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Social media platforms are addictive by design, posing a real danger to children. CCDH's Parents Guide helps you understand what your kids may be exposed to, how to set boundaries, how to have conversations about what they see online, and where to go if you need further help. Download it to get insights into the content and algorithms shaping young lives today.

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New Climate Denial Cover with title and subtitle. The cover shows a factory representing traditional climate denial, and wind turbines representing new climate denial

The New Climate Denial

How social media platforms and content producers profit by spreading new forms of climate denial

2023 was the hottest year on record, ever. Billions of people across the world experienced extreme heat, droughts, wildfires and major floods. Climate deniers can no longer pretend climate change isn’t happening - so they’ve changed their strategy. CCDH’s groundbreaking AI-powered research shows that New Climate Denial narratives that aim to undermine the climate movement, science and solutions, now constitute 70% of climate denial content on YouTube in 2023.

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CCDH's Global Standard for Regulating Social Media

STAR Framework

How can collective action and legislation address the dangers of online hate and misinformation? CCDH's STAR Framework draws on the most important elements for achieving this: Safety by Design, Transparency, Accountability and Responsibility.

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