Our mission is to protect human rights and civil liberties online.

Social media companies erode basic human rights and civil liberties by enabling the spread of online hate and disinformation.

Social Media companies deny the problem, deflect the blame, and delay taking responsibility.

The Center for Countering Digital Hate holds them accountable and responsible for their business choices by highlighting their failures, educating the public, and advocating change from platforms and governments to protect our communities.

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The Center for Countering Digital Hate works to stop the spread of online hate and disinformation through innovative research, public campaigns and policy advocacy.

Here’s how CCDH delivers change:

  • Through research, we expose the producers and spreaders of hate and disinformation, and demonstrate the offline consequences.
  • Through campaigns, we galvanize support from the public and advertisers to pressure social media companies and tech platforms to reform.
  • Through communications, we shape the debate to educate the public and key stakeholders about online harms.
  • Through policy and partnerships, we persuade policymakers and collaborate with civil society leaders to demand reform of social media.
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Our Theory of Change

Social media platforms have changed the way we communicate, build and maintain relationships, set social standards, and negotiate and assert our society’s values. In the process, they have become safe spaces for the spread of hate, conspiracy theories and disinformation.

At CCDH, we have developed a deep understanding of the online harm landscape, showing how easily hate actors and disinformation spreaders exploit the digital platforms and search engines that promote and profit from their content.

We have demonstrated how social media algorithms – with a systematic bias towards hate and misinformation – pose real-life harms to marginalized communities, minors and democracy more broadly.

The failure of social media companies to act on known harmful and extremist content is a violation of their own terms and conditions, the pledges they make in the media and to governments, and their basic duty to their users.

We all have a right to exist safely online and in our communities. At CCDH, we are fighting for better online spaces that promote truth, democracy, and are safe for all. Our goal is to increase the economic and reputational costs for the platforms that facilitate the spread of hate and disinformation.

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In 2022 we developed the STAR framework to give policymakers around the world values-based principles for regulating social media:

  • Safety by design: ensuring social media products are safe for the public prior to launch.
  • Transparency around platform algorithms, rule enforcement and advertising.
  • Accountability to democratic and independent bodies.
  • Responsibility for companies and senior executives for omissions that lead to harm.

But real change requires moving beyond articulating principles. In order to achieve our mission of a reformed information system which promotes truth, science and democracy, we must work together with civil society, experts, leaders of social movements, and decision-makers globally in this fight.

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