Social media companies undermine human rights by enabling hate and lies. We stop the spread of online hate and disinformation through research, public campaigns and policy advocacy.

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Fight Back Against Elon Musk

The Center for Countering Digital Hate’s research shows that hate and disinformation is spreading like wildfire on Twitter/X under Musk’s ownership and his lawsuit is a direct attempt to silence those efforts. It is straight out of the authoritarian playbook – he is now showing he will stop at nothing to silence anyone who criticizes him for his own decisions and actions.

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TikTok Parents Guide

CCDH researchers studied TikTok to understand how self-harm and disordered eating content is treated by the platform, and how frequently it appears in young users’ personalized ‘For You’ feeds. What we found was alarming. Urgent action is needed. Our Parents Guide will help provide parents and policymakers insight into the content and algorithms shaping young lives today.

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TikTok's Toxic Trade: How TikTok promotes dangerous and potentially illegal steroid-like drugs to teens. New report

TikTok’s Toxic Trade

How TikTok promotes dangerous and potentially illegal steroid-like drugs to teens.

New research shows that TikTok videos glorifying potentially deadly bodybuilding drugs and in some cases directing users to sites selling them have been seen at least 587 million times in the US in three years – including 420 million views from users aged 18-24 years old. TikTok must enforce their own rules and protect vulnerable users from harmful content. And Congress must hold the platform responsible and accountable if failing to do so.

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CCDH's Global Standard for Regulating Social Media

STAR Framework

How can collective action and legislation address the dangers of online hate and misinformation? CCDH's STAR Framework draws on the most important elements for achieving this: Safety by Design, Transparency, Accountability and Responsibility.

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