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The Center for Countering Digital Hate is a non-profit that counters hate and disinformation, by disrupting the online architecture enabling its rapid worldwide growth.

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Hidden Hate

We demand Meta and Instagram fix their broken systems for reporting abuse via DMs and tackle the #HiddenHate sent via Instagram DMs.

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Hidden Hate

How Instagram fails to act on 9 in 10 reports of misogyny in DMs

We conducted several case studies in partnership with women with large Instagram followings to reveal how Meta, in its continued negligence and disregard for the people using its platforms whilst churning record profits, has created an environment where abuse and harmful content is allowed to thrive. This denies those being abused the ability to freely express themselves online.

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The Disinformation Dozen

The Disinformation Dozen

Why platforms must act on twelve leading online anti-vaxxers

Just twelve anti-vaxxers are responsible for almost two-thirds of anti‑vaccine content circulating on social media platforms. This new analysis of content posted or shared to social media over 812,000 times between February and March uncovers how a tiny group of determined anti-vaxxers is responsible for a tidal wave of disinformation—and shows how platforms can fix it by enforcing their standards.

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Anti-Muslim Hate

Failure to protect

Social media companies are failing to act on Anti-Muslim Hate 89% of the time. Earlier reports by CCDH have shown platforms have similarly failed to act on antisemitism, anti-black racism, misogynist abuse and dangerous vaccine misinformation. Join us and demand Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter and YouTube take swift action to stop profiting from and ban stop anti-Muslim hate on their platforms.

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