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The Center for Countering Digital Hate is a non-profit that counters hate and disinformation, by disrupting the online architecture enabling its rapid worldwide growth.

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Google must #BreakUpWithBigOil

Nearly half of the $23.7 million spent on Google search ads by oil and gas companies in the last two years have targeted search terms on environmental sustainability like -  “How to reduce greenhouse gas emissions?”, “eco-friendly companies”, and “net zero”. Google must stop helping Big Oil greenwash their role in the climate crisis, and #BreakUpWithBigOil now.

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Take action: Tell Google to stop profiting from Big Oil's greenwashing ads and #BreakUpWithBigOil


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Greenwashing on Google

How Google Profits By Cleaning Big Oil’s Reputation

For the first time, the Center for Countering Digital Hate comprehensively details how Google enables Big Oil’s greenwashing. We reveal that nearly half of the $23.7 million spent on Google search ads by oil and gas companies in the last two years have targeted search terms on environmental sustainability. The five companies studied in this report, ExxonMobil, British Petroleum (BP), Chevron, Shell, and Aramco, have polluted our search results while Google raked in their dirty money.

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The Incelosphere

Exposing pathways into incel communities and the harms they pose to women and children

Trigger warning: violence against women, pedophilia, sexual abuse including rape, racism, antisemitism, and anti-LGBTQ+ hate. CCDH’s new report evidences the dangers incel sites pose to our communities - especially to women and children. The four leading forums we analyzed were filled with extreme hatred of women, racism, glorification of violence, and discussion of pedophilia. Poorly-moderated social media gives bad actors a platform to drag others into a rabbit hole of despair - which often can end in deadly real-world consequences.

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The Disinformation Dozen

The Disinformation Dozen

Why platforms must act on twelve leading online anti-vaxxers

Just twelve anti-vaxxers are responsible for almost two-thirds of anti‑vaccine content circulating on social media platforms. This new analysis of content posted or shared to social media over 812,000 times between February and March uncovers how a tiny group of determined anti-vaxxers is responsible for a tidal wave of disinformation—and shows how platforms can fix it by enforcing their standards.

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CCDH's Global Standard for Regulating Social Media

STAR Framework

How can collective action and legislation address the dangers of online hate and misinformation? CCDH's STAR Framework draws on the most important elements for achieving this: Safety by Design, Transparency, Accountability and Responsibility.

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