Stop Funding Misinformation: Climate Change Denial

Posted on June 14, 2021 in News.

Climate Change Denial: flood leave cars under water

Climate change is an enormous crisis facing the global population. ​

By blocking these climate change sites from your ads, brans can reduce their income and in turn reduce their impact. Clicks from these sites aren’t just a waste of money – you won’t find many good customers on these sites – but by taking action you’re playing a vital role in pushing back against the spread of misinformation and, in turn, supporting the fight against climate change denialism.

We’ve identified Google Ads-funded misinformation sites that we hope brands will take action against as they are doing some of the worst damage when it comes to spreading climate change misinformation. They are:

1. Watts Up With That (WUWT)

Climate Change Denial: Watts Up With That (WUWT) article screenshot

About WUWT:

  • The blog Watts Up With That (WUWT) primarily publishes articles critical of mainstream climate change science. 
  • The blog features material disputing the scientific consensus on climate change, including claims the human role in global warming is insignificant and carbon dioxide is not a driving force of warming.

Read about WUWT.

2. Electroverse

Climate Change Denial: Electroverse article screenshot

Electroverse has:

Read about Electroverse.

3. Breitbart

Climate Change Denial: Breitbart article screenshot

Breitbart has:

  • Claimed that ‘man-made’ global warming is a hoax and frequently publishes posts that deny global warming or call it a scam.
  • Claimed that “there is no evidence that the Arctic is melting significantly or that sea level is rising.”

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4. Climate Depot

Climate Change Denial: Climate Depot article screenshot

Climate Depot has:

  • Consistently pushed Climate Change denial and misinformation 
  • Climate Depot is run by prominent climate change sceptic, Marc Morano who’s previously called for public flogging of climate scientists

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