Fake Image Factories II

How Midjourney is failing to prevent the creation of AI images that threaten elections

Our new report found that Midjourney keeps generating misleading images of US and EU politicians - despite its new policy to stop election disinformation.

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  • CCDH tested two popular AI image generators – Midjourney and ChatGPT – for their susceptibility to being used to produce misleading images of key political figures 
  • Midjourney created misleading images of President Biden and Donald Trump in 50% of tests, despite pledging to block users from creating images of the two Presidential candidates in the run-up to the 2024 election 
  • Our report finds users can bypass this policy easily, sometimes just adding punctuation to prompts to create misleading images of President Biden and former President Trump 
  • Bad actors are already using tools to create and spread political misinformation ahead of US and EU elections, with the OECD reporting a 440% year-on-year increase in the number of ‘computer-generated imagery’ incidents 

Check out our new report.