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Google Directs Users to Anti-Abortion ‘Fake Clinics’

1 in 10 abortion search results in “Trigger Law” states lead to anti-abortion fake clinics

Our latest research has found 1 in 10 Google search results for abortion services in ‘Trigger Law’ states lead users to anti-abortion ‘fake clinics’. These ‘fake clinics’ appear to offer independent advice on abortions but are actually run by organisations that oppose abortion, shame abortion care, or promote alternatives to abortion.

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Endangering Women for Profit

Facebook and Google sell ad space for dangerous medical misinformation

Facebook and Google are selling ad space promoting so-called abortion "reversal" - a dangerous and unproven procedure. ​The only clinical trial for so-called abortion “reversals” was abandoned after some participants were hospitalized with “severe hemorrhaging”.​ Yet, Facebook and Google are selling ads for profit promoting this procedure, in some cases to minors as young as 13 years old

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