We made Google take action on anti-abortion fake clinics

Posted on August 31, 2022 in News.

Person with a laptop browsing on Google

Last week our campaigning culminated in hard-fought wins.

In June, we exposed that 37% of Google Maps results for abortion clinics actually led to anti-abortion fake clinics, many of which offered no abortion services at all.

Last week Google contacted us. They have listened to our research and said that from now on, they will explicitly label healthcare facilities that provide abortion services, so users seeking real health advice get the medical expertise they need. 

Screenshot of Google Maps with a search bar for 'abortion center' and example of labels of "provides abortions" and "might not provide abortions"

This is another victory for facts over lies, integrity over dishonesty, and accountability of big tech over the apathy of Silicon Valley bosses.

This comes on top of a week where our campaigns have had success:

  • Meta finally took the decision to suspend anti-vaxx superspreader Robert F Kennedy, Jr’s “Children Health Defense” pages from Facebook and Instagram for “misinformation that could cause physical harm.” 
  • The same day, a New York Times Presents documentary featuring our research about another Disinformation Dozen superspreader, Joseph Mercola, aired on Hulu and FX exposing this dangerous misinformation merchant.
  • Days later we exposed that YouTube generated millions of dollars in ad revenue from videos featuring Tik Tok influencer Andrew Tate and his vile women-hating rhetoric. In response, YouTube removed Andrew Tate’s YouTube channel and 16 other channels profiting from his content. 

These wins are hard fought. And couldn’t be possible without our supporters. 

Every action taken helps raise awareness and pressure big tech companies into action.

Every time you support us by signing a petition, donating, and sharing our content, you’re helping us to build moments like this, where our hard work culminates in meaningful change. 

Meaningful change like stopping people from being exposed to anti-vaxxer lies. Change like removing women-hating rhetoric from our social media feeds. Change like ensuring people seeking abortion healthcare get proper medical advice over disinformation

With your help, we’ll continue to hold big tech companies accountable. In the meantime, be part of our work by donating now.